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Welcome to the Cultural Landscape portal of Thuringia!

Dear viewers,

in the following content of pages, there are work results compiled by the research group "Cultural Landscape of Thuringia" at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt. They are also giving an insight into current student projects in the field of ‘cultural landscape’.

The interactive map on the website is provided and operated by the Institute for Cultural Landscape Research (KLF) and the University of Neubrandenburg under the acronym KLEKs. It allows viewing mapped historic cultural landscape elements against the backdrop of various current and historical map sheets, including satellite and aerial images online. The current topographical map (DTK25) and the aerial images were provided by the Thuringian State Office for Geodesy and Geoinformation (TLVermGeo).

The website encourages active participation by the viewers and would appreciate if further contribution with valuable inputs related to historical cultural landscape elements can be provided.The Cultural Landscape Portal of Thuringia is currently supervised by Prof. Dr. Hans-Heinrich Meyer and Prof. Dr. Ilke Marschall. After an extensive exploration of work for more than eight years, the cultural landscape portal Thuringia was intrinsically revised and elaborated. In addition to new technology in the background, the portal software (TYPO3) has been updated, and now there is a new look to the website. In addition, it is now possible to choose other layers for the map and reconfigure the background. In the area of the Thuringian territory, the Topographical Maps 1: 25,000 of the GDR (TK25 AS) are now also available. In the area of publications, a multi-level assistant allows ordering different brochures.

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