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Jena wine-growing landscapes. Results of a project in the landscape architecture master’s program.

Wine-growing landscape in the Ziegenhainer Valley with historic vineyard terraces (photo: M. Sach)

During the summer semester 2015, 11 master students of landscape architecture did research on the rich heritage of viticulture in the cultural landscape of Jena. The work was inspired by the interest group (IG) "Weinbau". Vineyards in Jena have been known since the Middle Ages and they covered up to an area of 700 ha until the 17th century.

Numerous vineyard terraces, dry stone walls, vineyard houses, historic altered buildings with cellars and other relics like boundary stones as well as the Jena coat of arms are reminiscent of these once important economic sectors. Moreover, the climatically favorable location on the sun-drenched slopes in the Saale valley and the warm-dry limestone soils were conducive to viticulture.

After a systematic analysis of historical maps (Urmesstischblatt 1850, Messtischblatt 1930s) with regard to potential historic wine-growing areas, the students carried out an on-site mapping and documentation of the remaining traces. In addition to the mentioned vineyard terraces with their dry stone walls and the vineyard houses, often hidden under dense woody growth, also hollow paths and natural quarries were mapped. These were created in the context of the historical viticulture.

The sites were then recorded by GPS, documented in numerous photos and finally processed textually and cartographically. In addition, a Bachelor thesis also analyzed connections between viticulture and the occurrence of particular and strictly protected animal and plant species in urban areas.

A presentation of the results by the students in front of some representatives of the city administration and the IG Weinbau completed the project. Extracts of the extensive study work can be found in the following pdf files.

Wine tasting, Jenzig
(photo: Christina Höpflinger)
Vineyard, Jenzig
(photo: Ilke Marschall)
Old stone cottage, Johannisberg
(photo: Maike Sach)
Hollow way, Almosen
(photo: Maike Sach)

Presentation: Jena wine-growing landscapes (FH Erfurt 2015)

Thesis: Jena wine-growing landscapes student project (FH Erfurt 2015)

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