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Visit of the Prime Minister to the FHE on 09/21/2020

On Monday, September 21, Prime Minister Ramelow made an information visit to the Green Faculty. The topic was the “Thuringia Cultural Landscape Atlas”, a research project initiated by an FFI project of the FHE that met with great interest at the MP.Triggered by a lively conversation on a summer hike of the MP in the Vessertal with Prof. Björn Machalett, among other things about the "water meadows" there, Bodo Ramelow got more information about the project initiated by the "Cultural Landscape Research Group".

An introductory lecture (Prof. Marschall, Prof. Meyer and Prof. Machalett) explained the goals, methodology and perspectives of the project to the MP and to his support from the State Chancellery. In the following 1-hour conversation, the participants were able to convince themselves of the MP's great, personal interest and detailed knowledge of and on the subject. The importance of the project for nature conservation and homeland maintenance as well as for tourism in Thuringia was discussed. Successful digitization of the results was seen as particularly decisive for large-scale public participation. The dean of the LGF faculty (Prof. Erik Findeisen) and the chairman of the Thuringia Heimatbund (Dr. Burkhardt Kolbmüller) also took part in the meeting.

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